Track Title: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: RED

We are never ever getting back together studio version mixed with Live On The Seine.

Track Title: Really Don't Care (HQ Solo Version)

Artist: Demi Lovato

Album: Demi • The Rare and Unreleased Recordings


  • This is the HQ version of the solo version of Demi’s newest single ‘Really Don’t Care’.
  • It premiered yesterday on ‘Radio Disney’, but it was played only THREE times before it was pulled.
  • I believe this is the HIGHEST QUALITY version currently out :-)

Enjoy!.. starting to prefer this version now! :D


A SEXUAL LIFE is NOW competing at the Audience Award!

Its going to be from Jun 23 - Jul 14, 2014.

LET’S BLAST IT OUT IN THE WORLD so we might have a chance of winning!!!

Here is the link:

Please share, send to family, friends and colleges and ask for their kindly support to vote for us. And if we don’t win, at least the film and the message will reach a lot of people, and that’s really important. 


Memorial Day.
Sometimes more known as an excuse for people to cook outside on the grill, and have a couple beers, or for me to make a graphic like the one below, or for stores to have sales, or have people act like it’s a mini Fourth of July. But I don’t think that was really the intention in creating this holiday.
Memorial Day. Memory. Which also goes with remembrance. This day is meant to remember those who fought for our country, so let’s not forget that.
Happy Memorial Day.


GN’R ~ “Sweet Child O’ Mine”


GN’R ~ “Sweet Child O’ Mine”